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Large size parasols

Our large-size parasols are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes and can meet every shading need while they optimize the aesthetic image of a company be it a hotel, cafe, restaurant or exhibition stand. It is also the best choice for the terrace, the garden or your swimming pool.

They consist of frame, operation mechanism, fabric, support and accessories.

Each parasol has its own design and serves different needs, but there are some common characteristics in all that are related to durability and usability.

The frame of each parasol is made of materials that ensure maximum weather resistance. Their shape varies (square, octagonal, etc.) as does their weight depending on the surface they have to cover.

The operating mechanism, beyond its technical excellence, ensures easy and quick opening and closing of the umbrella.

The fabric of each parasol consists of separate pieces of fabric, which are joined together in special lockstitch machines, high strength threads. At the top of the fabric is an air duct which in combination with screws on the bottom and the top of the fabric, impart a high resistance to the stresses on the fabric from the air. The fabrics are waterproof and their colors indelible.

The holder is designed so that it can be easily transported and properly aligned in placement.

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